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Bike park sends on a wooden bike – How long will it survive? I modify my wooden bike into an MTB then shred the local bike park to see how big I can go over gap jumps and trails whilst sending tricks but how long will it last?

I’m back on the crazy wooden framed bike that was last used for an urban MTb freeride mission bt the existing setup was horrible so I threw on some Marzocchi DJ1 dirt jump forks, new wheels and different handlebars to switch p the positioning and make the bike more bike park friendly, although I did forget to add brakes!! I travel to the awesome Twisted Oaks Bikepark to push this weird bike to the limits on their dirt jumps and MTB trails that are perfect for this kind of challenge! We start the video off by instantly hitting the dirt jumps to see how many tricks I can perform, before moving around to different trails and features throughout the park! Would you ride this creaky wood framed bike? – Sam Pilgrim

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Urban freeride on my electric motocross bike – Huge gaps and sends! I ride my SurRon electric motorcycle in the city and find huge gap jumps and mtb freeride spots with my portable kicker ramp, would you ride this?

The SurRon is so much fun, it’s basically an electric pit bike, motocross, MTB hybrid and it can basically be ridden anywhere due to the silence of it. Of course it is still a motorbike so if you get one you need to know the law surrounding this fact. I start the video by finding a huge hipped step down with a huge run up and hill climb in to my MTB hopper ramp it made for some big airtime. From here I then try out the local skatepark and clear the rather big jump box with ease, I love having a throttle! We then hit up a number of different urban MTB freeride spots and send big jumps and gaps and even learn some new tricks, before finishing off at my pit bike track in the woods, epic!!

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I have heard about this trail for a few years now and I was never able to get around to it. THE WHOLE ENCHILADA is a world famous trail in Moab, Utah. I finally packed my bags and booked a flight to Colorado and road tripped with my friends to Moab, Utah!

Unfortunately, we could not get to the top due to weather but we got to ride starting at UPS. It was such an incredible ride, the views were unreal, the company was amazing and the memories made were one for the books. I cannot wait to go back next year and do the whole ride. – Heather Munive

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