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After two days of torrential rain everyone was a bit dubious going into today’s practice session…

But things dried up pretty quick allowing Luca Shaw to take you on a Burgtec hot lap, showing you a few of the new sections on the now infamous Lenzerheide track!

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Stoked News

On Saturday afternoon at Pier 15 a squad of 35 electric vehicle riders whiz past a pair of women enjoying the waterfront. “What is this, a flash mob?” they ask in disbelief. Kevin Grandon, riding an electric unicycle in padding that makes him look like a futuristic soldier, replies with a smile: “We’re electric nerds!”

For a day, I became one of those nerds, joining the Bay Area Esk8 group on their Saturday social ride.

As an urban cyclist, electric skateboards, scooters, and unicycles zoom past me in the bike lane at speeds that would earn them a ticket in a school zone. I envy the power of their vehicles, but like many people, I have a knee-jerk distaste for   …  More

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Lenzerheide’s World Cup downhill track is the shortest on the circuit this year, but it challenged athletes ability to find flow within its tangle of features.

Marine Cabirou came in hot from Val Di Sole last weekend, as she takes her second World Cup win of the season in Lenzerheide inishing 0.3-seconds ahead of Tracey Hannah.
In elite men’s, Amaury Pierron put down an untouchable run as Greg Minnaar failed to knock the Frenchie off the top step by 0.9-seconds. Mr. Consistency himself, Loic Bruni, took third place which means the overall World Cup Winner is still unknown.

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