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Episode #12 Ludo et son vélo « 4 Saisons » shot by Nico Falquet in the Verbier area (Switzerland). If for you too the « 4 Seasons » is the best pizza and you also like the good riding, you will surely appreciate this latest episode of Nico and Ludo. A recipe of the “4 Seasons” somewhat revisited with a base of soft dirt, some autumnal twigs, some mountain herbs and a little fresh snow. And what better way to enjoy it than with a background of Vivaldi music? Enjoy!

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Can three professional mountain bikers beat 100 amateur riders in a race down the side of an epic mountain? Brook “Bulldog” MacDonald, Remy Morton & Jess Blewitt start BEHIND the amateur bike riders and have to try to overtake as many as possible before the finish at Red Bull Foxhunt, a mass start downhill race held in 2023 on the dusty and loose MTB trails in Cardrona, New Zealand

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If crammed parking lots and singletrack traffic jams aren’t your speed, take these emerging mountain bike meccas for a spectacular spin instead.

Many of us live for off-road biking and adventure cycling. Whether it’s single track, gravel, cross-country, downcountry, or downhill, mountain biking is a superb way of experiencing the backcountry.

It’s also an excellent tool for fitness. In whatever format you choose, mountain biking develops the quads of an ibex and the lungs of a lion. The trouble is   …  More

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Riders: Vinzent Raimann & Valentin Raimann

“EQUILIBRIO” is Spanish and stands for balance.

For the twins it is important to have a perfect work life balance. That’s why there’s no better option for them than to end and start the year in Barcelona on their bikes with all the homies. The bike park LaPoma is perfect for this and is the dream of every biker.

As twins. they often complement each other, like yin and yang, black an white.

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