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Cyclocross is a fast-paced sport, and learning the techniques and tactics for cyclocross racing can be just as important as being able to pedal your bike fast. We spied on the top pros at CrossVegas, Providence Cyclocross Festival, and a World Cup in Valkenburg, The Netherlands, over the past month to capture some of the best tactics you can practice to make your race go smoothly. And what better way to show them than in looping GIF form?

Katerina Nash demonstrates perfect grass cornering en route to the   …  More

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While that massive 11 million car recall from Volkswagen might be stealing headlines, those who prefer to pedal for transportation are dealing with a massive recall of their own.

On Tuesday, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for 1.3 million bikes from 13 major manufacturers  …  More

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There are many ways to get fit, especially with all the outdoors have to offer. Off-road cycling is just one of them, and it’s something that anyone can tackle. But before you hit the trail, hit the gym and get those core muscles prepped.

According to expert mountain biker Josh Moberg, a trainer at San Francisco fitness performance facility DIAKADI, mountain biking gives your body a dynamic workout.

“It requires so much eye, hand and body coordination to handle your bike, not to mention   …  More

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