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I did A last minute Trip to Gran Canaria to get a good forecast.

Its been 3 years I didn’t Sail on Pozo Conditions and I really needed it , Plus I wanted to test my new Naish gear on those conditions and its working Really well.

This video is a bit longer than usual as I am talking a little bit about the bIggest jump of my life but make sure you watch it until the end for The crash Part! – Ricardo

Ricardo Campello is a Brazilian born professional windsurfer. H moved to Venezuela when he was a child and began professional windsurfer. His passion drove him to become three-time world freestyle champion in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

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Robby Naish is probably the greatest windsurfer in the history of the sport. His career stats are absolutely impressive.

But the legendary waterman is also someone who pioneered kiteboarding and modern stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

Naish was always ahead of his time, and the nearly obsessive search for perfection only added layers of success to his longtime competitive career.  …  More

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On the last day of the EFPT Engadinwind Tow-in event it was all about expression. Tricks for cash, a highly popular format amongst spectators, releases the judges from their classic scoring system and sets them up on a boat with a 1000 euros worth of bills on hand. The only thing the riders have to do is to impress the judges so much that they will want to make it rain on them. The result? A plethora of rare tow-in moves on a morning that the Silvaplana crowd is sure to remember well. In the end the judges had to pick up the biggest tab for Sam Esteve (JP/NeilPryde) who got a 100 euros for a massive double air rotation. To close off the show it was time for Yentel Caers to put his money where his mouth is after he was talking about the double cannonball all throughout the event. A mishap on the first run granted him another go and soon we saw the Belgian going double or nothing through the air.

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