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 It isn’t for the money.  It isn’t for the glory.

It’s all about the speed.

That’s the general consensus of some of the 150 competitors on hand Saturday and today at Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie for HydroFest — a collection of powerboat races in 20 categories.

The event continues …  Details

Video Offshore Powerboat Racing – Offshore Powerboat Race, Point Nj 9/13/09 – Small Race, 11 boats, Ripping Threw The Inlet, All the big boats were in the new york harbor racing for points this race is a no point race so nobody showed up.

Video Offshore Powerboat – Cigarette Racing Boat chase vs helicopter, Team Kaos Poker Run – Helicopter Chasing 38′ Cigarette Boat , Team Kaos Racing. Rock the Bay Poker Run North East, Maryland 8/29/2009

Video Offshore Powerboat – Skater crashes on the Illinois River 09/05/09 – What not to do in a skater.