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More than 15,000 people lined the Newcastle foreshores over the April 30/May 1 weekend as Australia’s fastest offshore racers converged to begin their quest for 2011 glory.

With all 2010 champions back to defend their hard won trophies, the spectators were primed for some spectacular racing and with ample wind and wave off the city they were not disappointed   …  Pictures & More

High speed racing onboard a 1485 horsepowered turbine powered race boat. This boat was clocked at over 140 mph during the race weekend held in Riggins Idaho. What makes this a step above the rest is that it was done on a river with rocks just below the boat insome places. Driving this boat would take nerves of steel along with a set of balls to match. Climb aboard the super fast race boat and take a ride down river during an actual leg of the race

LAKE HAVASU CITY — The 2011 Lake Havasu boating season gets underway in high gear this weekend. Really high gear.

Starting Friday, the Offshore Powerboat Racing Association will return to Lake Havasu City for the fourth annual Lake Havasu Grand Prix. Boats ranging in size from 22 feet to over 50 feet will hammer down the throttle with speeds upwards of 150 mph.

Closed course heat races are scheduled to begin at   …  Details

While much of the world has been debating the United Nation’s proposed Global Carbon Tax, a watchdog group reported last week about another proposal which seemed to have slipped silently through committee after committee, and is now scheduled for a vote in the General Assembly without so much as a whisper in the popular press.  It’s not entirely surprising.  After all, the tax affects a comparative few of the world’s citizens:  Simply those of us who flagrantly display our wealth with ostentatious possessions known as a yachts  …  Details