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Baaron Sprint flatbottom powered by a Helicopter Turbine.

Start of the 2011 Cowes-Torquay-Cowes Powerboat Race, highlight of the British Powerboat Festival in Cowes 28th August.

Tahoe City, CA (Saturday, August 06, 2011) – Offshore Powerboat Racing is returning to Lake Tahoe on September 10 as the Inaugural Lake Tahoe Worthy Risk Challenge and Fun Run which will feature two different types of courses.

The Lake Tahoe event comprises of two (2) separate challenges –Saturday September 10 The Worthy Risk Challenge will push every team to the edge in a sprint. The boats will run one at a time and be scored on total time, top speed and Best Combined to bring home the Trophy and checkered flags for all classes. At the end of the day the winning team will carry the Worthy Risk perpetual trophy home for a year!

Sunday, September 11 will feature the POPRA Tahoe Fun Run. The teams will be running a fifty (50) mile course around the lake  …  More

I clearly remember the first time I tried to start a four-stroke outboard that was already quietly going about its business. As the starter motor and the boat’s owner whined in unison, it felt more like an epiphany than just another ‘senior moment’.

To someone long raised on a diet of cantankerous, rattly two-strokes, one erroneous turning of a key also signalled a turning point for the trailerboat industry   …  More