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Bermuda powerboats. S Class start from pylons & close racing from Fort St. Catherine. Hook of the day S22 & S20. Record breaking performance

An exciting look at the Team OSG Donzi Racing. A Donzi 38 ZR piloted by Giancarlo Cangiano And Stefano Cola Winning the Powerboat P1 Evolution World Championship.

After a series of twelve open-ocean endurance races in five countries against an international field of competitors, the “OSG Donzi” 38 ZR won the 2006 P1 Powerboat UIM “Evolution Class” World Championship.

The final two races of the 2006 season were held in the Atlantic at Cascais, Portugal. The Naples, Italy-based race team of charismatic owner/throttleman Giancarlo Cangiano and driver Stefano Cola faced stiff competition all season long, against rugged Italian-built ocean racers powered by exotic Lamborghini and Isotta Fraschini engines.

The OSG (“Operation San Gennaro,” a reference to the patron saint of Naples) Donzi team capped off an exciting season with their championship win and proved that in rough water conditions, a Donzi is still the boat to beat.

Spana in Team 100 i sommar!
Onico Team 100 består av Rickard Jönsson, vattenskoter samt Fredrik Nylén och Hannes Wolt, speedboat – några av Sveriges vassaste och mest framgångsrika racingförare. I sommar kommer Team 100 att turnera runt i Sverige (se turnéschema). På turnén kan du spana in vrålåken och får chansen att vinna en åktur i 100 knop. Vill du se när Team 100 tävlar? Kolla in tävlingsschemat på Hoppas vi ses på plats!