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hybrid-boatThe low-emissions, fuel-saving benefits of hybrid technology aren’t limited to the freeway and systems incorporating electric propulsion are popping up in all areas of transport. On the water we’ve seen hybrid tugboats and solar hybrid motor-yachts, but this is the first time we’ve seen hybrid technology in a speedboat. Billed as a world’s first electric hybrid sport boat, EPIC Wakeboats EPIC 23E relies entirely on a silent, emissions-free…  More info


sealegsTradition is ingrained in the marine world and there’s a sense of fragility and mistrust which most boaties harbour for amphibious watercraft – so the successful completion of a 3015 km (1873 mile) circumnavigation of the rugged New Zealand North Island by a Sealegs 7.1 meter amphibious craft today might go some way to allaying those fears. The 7.1 amphibious RIB averaged 46 km/h (28.6 mph) over 65 hours of driving time.

The two-man team, headed by Sealegs Corporation CEO David McKee Wright, set off from Takapuna towards Cape Reinga last Monday (February 16) and completed the journey at 1.25pm today in approximately 65 hours of driving time, at an average speed of 46km/h. The Sealegs RIB was powered by an Evinrude E-Tec 150hp outboard…  More info



What is it?

An international powerboat championship in which adrenalin-filled teams of two, comprising a pilot and co-pilot, negotiate a 200 metres x 400m “M” circuit. It was born in 1980s South Africa, where amateurs took advantage of huge offshore surf to drive motorised, inflatable lifeboats. It has since expanded hugely to incorporate dozens of other countries.

What are the boats like?

The original boats were little more than lifesaving, single-hull craft that had to be capable of dealing with both calm waters and surf. In harsh conditions the boats have to resist powerful buffeting and often end up perpendicular to the sea. Over two decades, the technology has evolved hugely. Today’s boats plane across water, allowing their hulls to ride on an air-bubble cushion which …  More info