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I have done quite a few sections in the PNW but one of the main sections I just never got a chance to check out was the Cispus. It always would be coming in when I had already headed out, so this year I couldn’t miss the chance to finally hit it! I met up with James Schimizu and had a dope weekend out there getting laps. Plenty of boofs, a few bigger drops, and nothing but good times. – Dane Jackson

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Some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. are best seen from the water.

There’s something extra special about spending a day out on the water, letting it pull you where it wants. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re paddling around a calm coastal bay in Alaska or flying down a Class III rapid in Georgia — with the cool water below you, warm sun all around you, and an ever-changing landscape that might include red-rock canyon walls, lush overhangs, or even a pod of passing orca whales, the experience is bound to be wonderful.

There are hundreds of amazing kayaking trips across the U.S., but to help you narrow it down, we curated a list that offers a little something for everyone, from newbies looking for perfectly flat waters to advanced kayakers interested in careening down a Class IV rapid. Just make sure to secure the proper permit and practice good stewardship on whatever trip you choose   …  More

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Carlos Gauna surveys the wind-blown waves off a popular Santa Barbara County beach. It is a cold, gray afternoon and only a few people are in the water: a father teaching his son to surf, a lone man wading in the whitewash.

Gauna launches his video drone, hoping to spy what might be moving stealthily among them — great white sharks.

In decades past, this might have seemed  …  More

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