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The relationship between the federal government and American Indians and Alaska Natives is complex and dynamic. Since the 1790s, the United States recognized that American Indian tribes shared a unique relationship with the federal government, defining Indian tribes as domestic dependent nations with the inherent right to self-government. This trust relationship was codified in the U.S. Constitution, treaties, regulations, Executive Orders, and court decisions. As part of a government-to-government relationship, federal agencies are required to consult with federally recognized tribes on projects that may impact tribes and their interests. Further legislation included a requirement to consult with Native corporations as well.
The Forest Service in Alaska recognizes the importance of building strong working relationships with Alaska Native tribes and corporations beyond the legal requirements. The ecological and cultural knowledge of Alaska Natives can help …  More info



There’s a reason they call it the trip of a lifetime. Rafting the Colorado River is truly awesome, not only for its monster rapids, but also for the ever-changing beauty of canyon walls and the solitude of sleeping under the stars in the inner-gorge wilderness.

So you’ve scored a river permit, gathered your buddies and hired an outfitter to supply your crew with cookstoves and ammo cans. Or maybe you’ve booked a week on a commercial trip and can leave the planning to a pro. Either way, you’re about to experience one of the most mind-blowing…  More info 

What’s true of real estate in 2009 is also true of the boating world: It’s a buyer’s market. So if you’ve always wanted to hit the open water but didn’t think you could afford it, now may be the right time to reconsider.

Prices on new boats dropped steeply in the past year as used boats flooded the market, so start your search at a boat show or local dealer, where you can find surprisingly good deals on new models. For instance, Chaparral Boats, a subsidiary of Marine Products(MPX Quote – Cramer on MPX – Stock Picks), is running a “Wow Now” sales event with cash rebates and free extended engine warranties. Marine retailers like MarineMax(HZO Quote – Cramer on HZO – Stock Picks) can help you choose and finance the right boat. By cruising shows and dealers, you can get a firsthand look at different models and ask questions about them…  More info


With loud music playing and a table full of catered food, it might be hard to believe that engineering students actually undertook a massive project Sunday afternoon in the Art Mart.That’s right, they are once again preparing for the annual National Concrete Canoe Competition, sponsored by American Society of Civil Engineers. The team will compete April 3–4 at …  More info