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subaviator-fast-sub-plane_mediumSubAviator Systems has designed a new two seater submarine designed for advanced marine exploration. Made from a lightweight composite and designed like an underwater airplane complete with wings, the SAS Aviator submarine uses electric power to travel up to 5.2 knots and descend up to 1,000 feet deep in sea water. The Aviator can make up to four one hour training dives in a single day or stay underwater for up to five hours at a time on a single longer mission. …  More info


Retailers across the country are yanking shoes, toys, Valentine’s gifts and other children’s goods from shelves to comply with a strict lead law that took effect Tuesday.

The repercussions of the hotly debated Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which bans the sale of children’s products containing dangerous amounts of lead and chemicals called phthalates, began rippling through the industry as manufacturers realized the law wasn’t going away….  More info


The L.A. Boat Show opened on a high note considering the challenging economic times. On the whole, exhibitors reported more interest that far exceeded expectations.

“We’re happy and making sales at the show,” commented Scott Driesbach, Advantage Boats COO with factory headquarters in Lake Havasu City, AZ. “It’s been a long six months, but after this Saturday and Sunday, we’re feeling much better about what 2009 holds in store. We closed several deals the first day and the introduction of our new 34 XFlight model created a lot of consumer buzz and plenty of quality leads that we’ll be following up in the weeks and months ahead.”

“This was pretty much the sentiment expressed by the majority of exhibitors at the show,” said SCMA Executive Director, Dave Geoffroy. “What was very encouraging…  More info

The slowing economy is having an effect even among the wealthiest residents of Hawaii, and the private clubs that cater to them.

Membership is down at some of Oahu’s major private clubs, while others are seeing their rosters remain stagnant in the economic recession.

While some have cut fees and delayed major improvement projects, others are putting faith in longtime strategies to ride out the recession.

Real estate and business consultant Stephany Sofos dropped a membership at the Honolulu Club, one of two private club memberships she has held for 28 years. “As I saw the recession coming, I wasn’t using it and it was a luxury I didn’t need to have; I wanted to cut my expenses,” she said. “I walk every day in a park now, which is free.” …  More info