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The Kaua‘i High School girls paddling team made the strongest Kaua‘i showing at the First Hawaiian Bank Canoe Paddling championships, Saturday on Maui.

After holding off a strong Kapa‘a girls team in the Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation championships and earning the state berth on a tie-breaker, the Raider ladies finished the two-heat semifinals with a solid No. 4 seeding following a 4:20.75 paddle at the Hanakao‘o Beach Park.

This was based on the strong pace set by Punahou girls who finished the semifinals witha 4:12.23 run.

In the finals, Punahou, capturing top honors in the Varsity mixed and Varsity girls and second in the Varsity boys by just .46 second, finished on top with a 4:23.56 run compared to Kaua‘i’s No. 5 finish at 4:44.77.…  More info


My draw to Hawaii’s Big Island for a winter vacation was the colorful coral reefs and boggling beautiful fish. The drawback is I could spend the entire week underwater snorkeling and never explore above-water activities. A solution surfaced: Snorkel before breakfast and try stand-up paddleboarding and outrigger canoeing afterward.

There’s no shortage of snorkeling sites on the dry side of the island, and I opted for my morning excursion in two protected bays, Makaiwa Bay, a half-mile south of the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, and Kahuwai Bay at the Kona Village resort.

I snorkel alone, and both bays are sheltered from currents and ideal to view the abundant array of tropical fish. Ten strokes from Makaiwa’s crescent-shaped shore and I was snorkeling amid a spectacular court of colorful fish, each sashaying through forests of fan and cauliflower coral….  More info


hi-canoepaddlers and spectators alike at Hanakao’o or “Canoe Beach” on Maui Feb. 7.

The 8th Annual High School Athletic Association Canoe Paddling Championships were battled out by dedicated high school athletes at this paddling haven….  More info
















You’re never really alone on Santa Barbara Island. I soon found that out while rounding the southern end of the one-square-mile islet in my kayak. From utter silence to a raucous cacophony of yelps and bellows, my solo journey around the smallest of California’s eight Channel Islands was interrupted by thousands of California sea lions — some just curious, others territorial. …  More info