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kyak-2_thumbArkansas’ intramural activities department prides itself on offering a variety of activities to the student body. From flag football to yoga, the HPER calendar is literally a five-star buffet of student sports.

Outdoor sports are no exception. The newest craze to hit the campus is the kayak polo, a water sport that combines the skill of kayaking with water polo.

“We try to keep the activities as fresh as possible and …  More info

hobie you’re interested in pedal power instead of petroleum power, Hobie has a new kayak that should tickle the fancy for anglers and water-lovers. 

Longtime readers may recall a column last year about the Hobie Mirage series kayak, which has a thru-hull pedaling system with penguin-shaped fins under the kayak. In deep water you can speed along or go slowly, and in shallow water you can lock the fins flush with the hull to glide (or portage, if nessary).

Hobie’s engineers have been working for the past couple of years to improve …  More info



Members of the motorsports industry are wondering why the government has adopted a rule virtually eliminating a key constituency – and possibly thousands of jobs – while at the same time developing a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus that supporters say is intended to create and protect employment.

At issue is a new federal regulation of lead that took effect just this month. The policy has virtually shut down the part of the motorsports industry that serves children under 12 who want to ride all-terrain vehicles and motorbikes, because some components of the machines – such as tire valve stems – contain lead.

“You’ve got a lot of kids involved in this,” Don Amador, western representative for the the Blue Ribbon Commission, told WND today. “But ATVs, dirt bikes have batteries  in them, components that use lead inside the valve stems on tires, lead in the electronic wiring, lead on battery terminals.” …  More info