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If you want to catch more fish from a kayak, canoe or rowboat, get the current issue of On The Water magazine with a story by Bob Oberg, and look for the release of a new book, Paddling Connecticut and Rhode Island, by Jim Cole….   Details


Shaun Baker plans to leap over waterfalls in his own invention – a jet kayak. And he even has his eyes set on Niagara…

…What kind of a lunatic would throw himself over a giant waterfall in a flimsy piece of plastic not much bigger than a child’s toy? Stand up, Shaun Baker, an extreme kayaker from Maidenhead, Berkshire.

This nine-time British whitewater freestyle kayaking champion already holds the world record for the longest freefall over a waterfall….  Details


The voyaging canoe Hokule’a is scheduled to leave Hawaiian waters tomorrow for Palmyra Atoll, a preliminary step in an ambitious plan to circumnavigate the planet and train the next generation of captains and crews in the ancient ways of Polynesian navigation….  Details