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Aniol and Gerd Serrasolses have been kayaking together for almost their entire lives. Follow them on their adventure through the highs and lows of a life on the river.

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Occurred on December 29, 2019 / Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand

“While lying in my bed, I notice a disturbance in the otherwise calm sea. Upon further inspection, I quickly became aware that it was a pod of Orca commencing their quest to hunt stingrays. Yelling to my family, I quickly grabbed my paddle and quickly paddled out into our local bay Sandy bay. There, I experienced the most amazing encounter , with the ocra pod. I followed them for over an hour, during which, the orca approached my kayak on numerous occasions. I looked plenty of still shots as well as video footage. I watched In awe as these majestic mammals hunted and feed on the Ray’s wings.”

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Seven days, three rivers, one kayaker: Nouria Newman kayaks solo in India!

Nouria Newman combines a surprising adeptness at playing on white waters with an endless thirst for discovering new horizons.

Nouria decided to head North in India to achieve her goal of kayaking. She had already heard of Zanskar and the lower part of the Indus, both of which are world famous.

She started in Zanskar, headed to Indus and transitioned through beautiful places of India while trying to survive very dangerous situations, both in rivers and on land.

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This video recorded while kayaking at the Wellington Street underpass in Sault Ste Marie.

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