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Hidden amongst the Adirondack State Park and along the headwaters of the Hudson River, lie two of the highest peaks in New York State.

Only accessible by hiking through beautiful ‘Avalanche Pass’, the Opalescent Gorge holds one of the steepest runnable sections of whitewater in the state including 65 foot high ‘Hanging Spear’ Falls. Hanging Spear – The Headwaters of the Hudson River is an exciting adventure taken by professional Kayaker Steve Fisher.

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Ben Stookesbery and Chris Korbulic represent the essence of adventure. Their most recent first descent of the Beriman Gorge in Papua New Guinea is an order of magnitude greater than any objective they had ever tackled. The 13-day, 13-gorge first descent that could only be partially scouted by air placed them in harm’s way in the middle of one of the world’s most remote jungles

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Six adventure kayakers and friends arrive in Mexico for a three-week trip to explore uncharted rivers in the southwestern state of Michoacan. After a quick warm up session, they are quickly reminded to never let their guard down and even the smallest mistake can mean disaster.

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Three of the world’s best kayakers take a two-month journey to the Scandinavian paddling meccas of Iceland and Norway. While they search inside the arctic circle for rapids and waterfalls that have never been run, they’re also searching for the elusive moments when the stars align and everything goes perfectly, but sometimes in the blink of an eye things go horribly wrong. The inevitable externalities of their main goal is what they call ‘the halo effect’

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