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The New York to Los Angeles Cannonball Record that Ed Bolian, Dave Black, and Dan Huang set in 2013 has just been broken by Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick. Here’s the story of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz E63S AMG they used to do it.

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Everyone knows the upfront cost of a Bugatti, but do you know how much it is to own one? Let me give you a little insight, it’s not pretty LOL

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These Guys Just Drove an E63 AMG Across America in a Record 27 Hours 25 Minutes

Three guys you’ve probably never heard of recently broke a speed record most people don’t care about—the New York to Los Angeles run referred to colloquially among aficionados as the Cannonball. Unlike most speed records and races, there’s no sanctioning body or official rules. That’s because setting a Cannonball record invariably involves breaking multiple traffic laws. In other words, it’s illegal. But that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

You may or may not be aware of its existence, but there’s a robust subculture within the automotive enthusiast community that obsesses over the New York-to-L.A. land speed record. Many of them even go so far as   …  More

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Sleek luxury vehicles will have plugs, but company’s 911 model will be the last to lose its internal combustion engine.

The future is electric, at least for Porsche.

“We are in the beginning of a transition phase in the car industry, and to Porsche, to switch over to better electric fully,” said Klaus Zellmer, president and chief executive officer of the luxury automaker’s North American division.

“Luxury consumers expect, with a brand’s purpose, for sustainability to play a major part.”

Zellmer discussed the next phase in high-end automobiles during  …  More

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