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Red Bull has revealed precisely how much it costs to keep the wheels of one of its Formula One teams turning, right down to the amount it spends on buying the material to build the cars and the stickers that appear on them.

Unlike teams in some other sports, F1 outfits disclose a great deal of financial information and there is good reason for this. Seven of the ten teams are based in Britain and are private limited companies which, ironically, have to file publicly-available annual financial statements. This requirement applies to   …  More

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Ever wondered where Porsche keeps all their precious treasure when it’s not being displayed at their museum? Before this storage facility was opened in 2012, the cars were split across various different locations throughout Stuttgart, Germany. As well as this, there were thousands of parts that required indexing. Alexander E. Klein, Beny Marjanac and their colleagues at Porsche, have worked late nights and early mornings to organise this automotive treasure trove.

This isn’t the first story about Porsche’s storage facility, and it won’t be the last. But this dream garage on steroids is constantly changing, so no walk through is ever the same. Madness. We join Beny for a POV tour of the not-so-secret bunker.

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The Ford GT-40 is a TIMELESS piece of automotive excellence that you really don’t get to see all that often, especially ripping down an airstrip! This BEAUTIFUL display of aero and design really caught our attention as soon as it rolled off the trailer. We we’re glad to see it pull out to the starting line to stretch its legs down the airstrip of Rantoul Aviation Center for Omega Motorsport’s NoFlyZone Midwest!

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Sports car manufacturers often boast that they make “race cars you can drive on the street.” But, if you’re planning to drive your car on the street, you should probably drive something that’s optimized for that. Streets are not racetracks. Streets have potholes, speed bumps and traffic jams.

This is why I love a good grand touring car. GT cars are, essentially, sports cars engineered for genuine enjoyment in the world we actually live and drive in. The best GT cars provide the excitement of a sports car on twisting roads, along with comfort and ease when   …  More

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