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Chris Harris – “Here goes. Two of the greatest Ferraris thrashed as intended. This was one of the best days of my life.”

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There exists a world between SCCA Solo and Club Racing – a world where speeds rise but don’t ever quite reach wheel-to-wheel racing. That world is Time Trials. While part of the Sports Car Club of America’s Club Racing program, the SCCA Time Trials program is exactly that – a driver against himself, against the clock. This isn’t wheel-to-wheel racing – but it’s as close as you can get without moving to Club Racing.

The SCCA Time Trials program has four levels. The first, Performance Driving Experience (PDX), is akin to a standard track day: There is instruction and driving time on a real racetrack, but no times are taken and no awards given. The next level in the Time Trials program is   …  More

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“In 1980, I had the chance to drive a brand-new R5 Turbo,” Christophe Guerin says, “and it was such a thrill that I got hooked.”

That encounter, when he was 20, eventually led Guerin back to the Renault 5 Turbo 2 later in life. He certainly grew up in the right part of the world in order to become a car enthusiast: France.

“I was born in Le Mans, 15 minutes away from the legendary circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans,” Guerin says. “My father worked at the Renault factory in Le Mans, and he was a handyman, so he gave me his passion for mechanics and repairs.”

What began as studies in a technical college led to wrenching for local rally teams, learning from the masters, and seeing what made cars fast. But a love for the tiny Renault never faded. Finally, after years, he asked a friend to find a good one to buy. “I need one,” he said, “Find a pristine one for me, and make sure it’s red.”

As it happens, the car he calls his “treat” was about to enter his life for good.

“When I saw it coming, it was…I almost dropped to my knees,” he says. “That sound—you can’t forget it.”

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The TX2K16 Unlimited Class Roll Racing hosts some SERIOUS competition. With GT-Rs and Lambos well over 1500hp, TX2K competition does not disappoint! For the final of the Unlimited Class, Mullet’s twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo goes toe to toe with this high horsepower GT-R to battle it out for the championship! A twin turbo Lambo is just about the fastest roll racing machine out there until lately, where GT-R’s have put their foot down and made their presence known!

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Crazy wreck during seconde Porsche Carrera Cup France race at Navarra in GT Tour meeting.

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