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In 1986, everyone knew Randy Lanier was fast. He’d just won a sportscar championship and shattered an Andretti record to become the Indy 500 rookie of the year. What most people didn’t know is he paid for his racing dreams by smuggling massive quantities of marijuana past the feds.

By 1988, Lanier was a fugitive in the Caribbean, running from the government and from responsibility for his role in a $300 million drug smuggling operation. Before long he would be caught and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

At the height of the Reagan-era War on Drugs, federal prosecutors charged Lanier and his associates with shipping   …  More

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It’s been a year since the trio of Ed Bolian, co-driver Dave Black, and wingman Dan Huang claim to have driven from New York City to Redondo Beach, California, in just 28 hours and 50 minutes, shattering the famous 31-hour, 4-minute transcontinental record set by Alex Roy in 2006 – and that means only one thing: the statute of limitations has expired, and it’s time to release the data.

Yes, that’s right, there’s data – and lots of it. It’s in the form of a giant 282-page PDF document created by GeoForce, the GPS tracking firm that was hired by Ed to (unwittingly) keep tabs on his entire run, from start to finish   …  More

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The siren song of racing at Laguna Seca was too much.

Joe Huffaker had been retired from racing Sports Car Club of America races for a decade, but when club officials announced last fall that this year’s national finals would be held at Laguna Seca — a course the veteran Huffaker likens to nearly his home track — he set his sights on qualifying.

Describing it as “setting his sights” on merely qualifying might be understating Huffaker’s confidence.

“At the beginning of the year, I had to knock the rust off but it came back,” he said. “I was  …  More

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There are at least 15 people in United States federal prisons serving life sentences without the possibility of parole for nonviolent, marijuana-related offenses. Until quite recently, Randy Lanier was among them.

On Wednesday morning, Lanier, a former pro racecar driver and pot smuggler, was set free in Coleman, Florida. In 1987, he was accused of smuggling a million pounds of marijuana into the US over the course of seven years, and a year later was sentenced to spend the rest of his days behind bars. But on September 15   …  More

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Mike Spinelli reviews the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder at the Circuit of the Americas, with a little help from Porsche Factory driver Patrick Long.

The record lap at the ‘Ring with the Porsche 918.

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