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‘It was purely Formula One technology applied to a road car.’
Gordon Murray recalls the vision behind the legendary car that put McLaren on the road…

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Stoked News

The first all-electric Porsche is due in less than two years. Here’s why Tesla investors should hope it’s really, really good.

It’s no secret that Porsche is going electric. The first all-electric Porsche is undergoing testing now, and it’s expected to go into production by 2019.

It’s also no secret that Porsche’s racing-minded engineers have a particular rival in their sights: They’ve made it pretty clear that they’re hoping to show Tesla a thing or two about making sports cars.

Unlike some Tesla fans, I think the electric Porsche is likely to be very competitive with   …  More

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IN 1987, ON A 15.5-MILE TEST OVAL in Ehra-Lessien, Germany, a 469-hp twin-turbo Porsche 911 went 211 mph. Only it wasn’t technically a Porsche—it did not wear a Stuttgart VIN and was known legally as a Ruf CTR. The car had been completed just one week before, in a small garage in the village of Pfaffenhausen, by a 37-year-old man born in the house next door. And for a brief, shining moment, it was the most potent production device this magazine had ever seen.

A moment we made happen. The July 1987 issue of R&T holds a test called “The World’s Fastest Cars.” It was the second running of an experiment we first tried in 1984. The ’87 version includes nine exotics   …  More

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