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Car is a MK7 GTI

Setup in game is as close as possible to my lightly modified car IRL.

I can usually do a 1:45 or 1:44 in game with the car. In real life I think I could do a 1:45 on a perfect lap. The feel of the car in game versus real life is shockingly accurate.

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Porsche – hardly any other car manufacturer has produced as many legendary sports cars as the German Manufacturer. Test driver Lars Kern drives six of the original models on the Porsche race track in Leipzig – and he shows what they are capable of in terms of acceleration and driving pleasure. At the racetrack, curves of world-famous racetracks were recreated. On the one hand a homage, on the other hand also a sporting advantage, because it can be used to test how new models behave in a wide variety of situations.

You will see the sports car legends Porsche 550 Spyder, 917 Spyder, the rally monster 911 4×4, the Porsche 962, the 911 GT1 and the unique Hybrid 919.

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Since the 1930’s racecar drivers from all origins have tried to set new records on the Nurburgring. Although only very few ever could match Sabine Schmitz. In the years 1996 and 97 she won the 24 hour race as the first woman ever and therefore earned the title “Queen of the Nurburgring”.

Unfortunately Sabine Schmitz lost her battle against cancer on the 16th of march 2021. On the sad occasion of her passing, we look back on her greatest successes. Rest in Peace, Sabine!

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Porsche only published onboard footage of a 1:43?,5! In order to make this video I rendered their video at a speed of about 102%, which shortend the 1:43?,5 to approximately 1:41?,7 (which is the actual time Porsche set)

This video is meant to demonstrate the different strenghts and “weaknesses” of the two fastest racing cars in the world around the world famous Circuit de Spa-Franchochamps.

Porsche operated their car without adhering to any regulations which they have been previously bound to, resulting in a much faster time, than the car would do under normal (legal) conditions. They did this to showcase the potential of their 919 Hybrid and to demonstrate how much the car had been held back by the regulations. As it turned out, it was even faster than the Formula 1 Cars of 2017 and most F1 Cars of 2018. Only Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas since managed to beat Porsche´s time of 1:41?,770 set in 2018.

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