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What a day on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife: Drifting, Hot Lap and Racing with German car legend Matthias Malmedie in the Porsche Taycan Turbo S!

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SSC is once again the speed king.

On Monday, SSC announced a customer-owned Tuatara, driven by race car driver Oliver Webb, set a new production-vehicle land-speed record of 316.11 mph.

The record attempt took place on Saturday, Oct. 10 on a seven-mile stretch of State Route 160 between Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada. The same stretch of road was used in 2017 when the Koenigsegg Agera RS set the previous production-car land-speed record with a speed of 277.9 mph  …  More

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What is The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb?

The Broadmoor PPIHC takes place on a 12.42 mile (19.99 km) public toll road boasting 156 turns, while competitors climb 4,720 ft. (1,440 m.) from the 9,390 ft. (2,862 m.) Start Line at Mile 7 marker on the Pikes Peak Highway to the 14,115 ft. (4,300 m) Finish Line at the mountain’s summit

Jeff Zwart – Full Run Onboard and Summit Interview.  Check out #11 Jeff Zwart’s run in a 2019 Porsche 935 at the 98th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Dan Novembre – Full Run Onboard and Summit Interview

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Drivers who set November 2019 record have bested their own achievement with average speed of 112 mph

There’s a new record in Cannonball land: Drivers Arne Toman and Doug Tabbutt announced today that they completed the cross-country drive from New York City to Los Angeles in 25 hours, 39 minutes, narrowly beating a claimed “sub-26-hour” record publicized in May and besting their own record of 27 hours, 25 minutes that was announced in November 2019.

Toman and Tabbutt’s November attempt kicked off a spate of copycat record-chasers, many of whom took advantage of   …  More

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