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One of the greatest cars to emerge from Porsche in the mid-’70s, and one which helped legitimize the turbocharged engine as a credible racing motor, was the 935. A stretched 911 Turbo, hardened for sprint and endurance racing, with upwards of 850 horsepower, a four-speed manual, no aids, and a fraction of today’s downforce: a recipe that is enough to make most racing drivers tremble. With a cautious approach and a respect for the limitations of the car, Ulli Andree learned what it takes to master one of the fiercest, fire-breathing GT cars of old. Andree is a pro-am racer in both GT and touring cars as well as the director of global communications at Recaro,

Andree, now 52, grew up with the 935 as a car dear to his heart. As it rose to prominence during his formative years, it left   …  More

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I filmed the ultra rare 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion (street-legal) being unleashed on an airstrip during the Supercar Owners Circle 2018 at Ambri airport, Switzerland. Only 25 where made world wide! It has a 536bhp 3.2 liter, water-cooled twin turbo flat-six engine. Video shows the 911 GT1 starting up, driving on the streets and doing some pulls on an empty runway!

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Verve Rally’s Spanish Adventure from London to Ibiza includes driving through the changing landscape of Spain – Cantabria, Picos de Europa, San Glorio Pass, wine regions, an enchanting 13th century cisterian monastery converted into a 5* thermal spa hotel and the ancient city Toledo set high above the plains of Castile-La Mancha. After another epic drive to Valencia our cars are loaded onto an enclosed transporter bound for London while we fly to the picturesque island of Ibiza for our last night. It’s an island that caters to all, offering the best parties for the young at heart or relaxed island beauty for a slower pace and chill time after the rally.

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Amid the bustle and hubbub of a popular Riviera restaurant, a baritone burble rises through the floor, vibrating up high, elegant heels and tapered table legs to resonate around the rims of thin-stemmed wine glasses.

Angry pops and crackles from the street outside are followed by a final ear-splitting bark that sees food spill from silver forks and a waiter, weaving through the startled diners, drop an unopened bottle of Biondi Santi onto unforgiving terracotta tiles.

Or at least, this is how we like to think it plays out   …  More

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