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Sports cars and that “wind in your face” experience have gone hand-in-hand since the days when open-top MGs ruled the twisties.

Despite Chevrolet’s best efforts, however, we’ve always had a hard time properly classifying the Corvette as a genuine sports car. Offered only as a roadster initially, it lacked the handling precision necessary to properly compete with the zippy small cars GIs were experiencing in postwar Europe. Subsequent ‘Vettes emphasized straight-line performance up until the outgoing model. But even it came up a little short in some areas – primarily interior refinement.

Fast forward to today, however, and the Corvette has   …  Pictures and more

Chevrolet Cruze 2.0TD vs.Honda Civic Hybrid vs. Toyota Prius vs. Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid vs.Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Do you obsess over how much energy your car’s engine creates, and worry about the fuel being destroyed for your driving pleasure? (Why are you reading this magazine?) Actually, one of this universe’s immutable laws is that energy can never be created or destroyed. But it can change forms. Most cars lug around a tankful of potential energy disguised as gasoline (or diesel, E85, propane, etc.). Fed into a typical engine, the fuel is converted to a lot of waste heat and vibration energies, during what’s conceded in the auto biz as a hopelessly energy-inefficient but necessary-evil process. Oh, and the process produces some usable mechanical energy, too.

The gas engine is the people’s choice in the U.S., but it only goes so far   …  More

When General Motors shut down Pontiac, it left a lot of enthusiasts wondering why. It was primed with a lineup of powerful, rear-wheel drive models, and seemed like it had a bright future ahead of it. It turns out that GM killed it on government orders, according to former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz.

Friend of Jalopnik and west coast editor for Autoweek Blake Rong had an interview with Lutz today, and from what Rong is putting out on his Twitter feed, it’s full of plenty of bombshells. None bigger, though, than this one:   …  More

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