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When I went to check out Gordon Murray’s future car — the ultra-small, environmentally conscious T25 — there would be no test drive. Instead, I was allowed what you might call a test grope.

The prototype sits hidden under a black cloth in a secure room at Murray’s design headquarters in Surrey, England.

The only people allowed to see it “undressed” are serious investors interested in getting the T25 into production.

I asked Murray, the Formula One design supremo renowned for his McLaren F1, would he mind if I touched it, through the cloth. Amused, he watched as I groped my way around it…  Details & Pictures


Hakan Samuelsson thought he had it all figured out. In 2006, the CEO of German commercial truck manufacturer MAN schemed to take over his former employer and Swedish rival, Scania. He had the banks behind him. VW owned 30 percent of Scania; they had to agree to the takeover. And why not? Volkswagen had no use for Scania, as VW’s commercial truck division only operates in South America. So Hakan Samuelsson made a deal with Bernd Pischetsrieder, then head of Volkswagen. Unfortunately for Mr. Samuelsson, he talked to the wrong guy. Ferdinand Piech, the person pulling the strings over in Wolfsburg, had different plans . . .

Before we get to what happened, let‘s take a small detour and look at where Piech‘s story began.

In fact, let‘s begin with his grandfather Ferdinand Porsche…  Details


The future of transportation is now available for lease.

In the next few weeks, 450 consumers in California, New York and New Jersey will begin picking up fully electric Mini coupes, charging them at home and using them as their daily commuters for the next year.

They’ll pay $850 a month, plus taxes and insurance, for the right to drive the first highway-legal electric cars that don’t cost more than $100,000 to hit the streets in more than a dozen years. As such, they’ll serve as pioneers in what’s being hailed as the next great moment in automobile history: the electric car era…  Details

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Roger Penske is making a bid for Saturn.

The 72-year old Penske, the highly successful head of Bloomfield Hills, MI, Penske Automotive Group, which operates more than 300 franchises in the United States and internationally, selling 40 different brands, told the Paul Smith Show on WJR radio in Detroit on Tuesday morning that he’s not interested in manufacturing Saturns, but in distributing them between the factories and their dealers.

General Motors’ once highly-touted and progressive Saturn division is on the auction block…  Details

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