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He was a winner on the track and with the ladies. Watch Chris Hemsworth as English playboy and grand prix driver James Hunt in an exclusive look at Ron Howard’s RUSH, in theaters everywhere 9/27.

We’re forever told racing tech makes for better road cars, but is that true, even in the case of the £866,000 McLaren P1? CAR tech looks at the similarities between Jenson Button’s weekend racer and McLaren’s hybrid supercar:

Gives you wings

A Formula One car wins or loses by its aero package – and the P1’s a true   …  More

Formula One is an expensive business.

Teams employ hundreds of staff and spend millions of pounds not just in travelling round and round the world to compete in the 19 races but also in developing their cars day and night to stay on the pace.

A resource restriction agreement limits the number of staff sent to races and puts constraints on the use of tools like wind tunnels and CFD computers back at base, but there is still a massive cost involved just to   …  More

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