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         Ground Beef Effect – Jeddah Review

Holy cow!! In the annals of epic races, the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix unquestionably ranks up at the sharp end; No shortage of drama, dueling, and mayhem.

The race began innocuously enough, 10 laps of clear sailing and hardly any incident to speak of anywhere, until Mick Schumacher took turn 23 a bit too hot and backed his Haas into the turn 22 barrier, his day done. With no chassis or tire failure forthcoming to explain the incident, this appears to be a case of simply asking too much of available grip. A rare big mistake from Mick.

With the scene of the accident on the far end of the circuit, it took some time for officials to evaluate the condition of the crash barriers, and once it was realised human power was insufficient to move the barriers back into their spaced-apart arrangement, the red flag was thrown as heavy equipment was now required to be on-track. Smart, because it was the barrier spacing which provided the crash energy absorption required to prevent Mick’s car from rebounding back onto the racing line. Kudos to the barrier design, and to the importance given to setting them back up appropriately  …  More


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Can a regular person drive an F1 car? Say tomorrow we took you to track and presented a modern F1 car to you, could you do a few laps? Would you even be able to pull away? Or would you take Lewis’ seat for next year?

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There’s no sport quite like Formula One. While there are other wildly difficult motorsports out there — hello, WRC — there’s a reason why F1 is called the pinnacle. No other racing series puts its drivers and cars through such intense forces, all while performing a thousand other tasks when driving 180 mph around Monaco’s narrow streets.

Those constant demands, mind you, aren’t coming from the pit wall or even engineers back at the team’s home bases listening to the driver through the comms. They’re coming from the car’s steering wheel, a small piece of very expensive   …  More

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