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The revelation of the season? Possibly. A growing force? Certainly. But how have America’s lone F1 team done it – and where do they go from here? In a rare joint interview, Lawrence Barretto speaks to Haas team owner Gene Haas and Team Principal Guenther Steiner to get the answers…

The last American venture that attempted to get a Formula 1 team up and running – US F1 – failed to make it to the grid. The previous three new F1 squads that did make it to the grid – Virgin, Lotus Racing and HRT – lasted just a few years before shutting their doors. So when, in 2014, NASCAR team owner and machine tool magnate Gene Haas announced plans to create an F1 project from scratch, many felt the odds were stacked against him  …  More

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After months of promises, VW has formally unveiled its electric Pikes Peak race car… and its performance might be surprising even in light of earlier hype. The I.D. R Pikes Peak is built to smash Pikes Peak’s EV record of 8 minutes and 57 seconds not through brute force, but by achieving a finely tuned power-to-weight ratio. While the 680HP two-motor powerplant may not sound like much when the existing record holder (Drive eO’s PP100) packed a whopping 1,596HP, VW’s vehicle will weigh under 2,500lbs versus 2,646lbs for its archrival.

Combine that with potentially better aerodynamics (the VW car is closer to a Le Mans car than the usual hill climber) and the result is an EV that can outperform some of the fastest race cars. With a 0-60MPH time of  …  More

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Ever wonder how we build our F1 cars each year? Let our Technical Director James Key show you the process of how to make a Formula 1 car – Scuderia Toro Rosso 2018

Watch the Williams F1 Team assembling its 2012 Formula 1 from the ground up in high speed.

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In most motorsports, the engineer’s cruelest foe isn’t the rules of physics or the driver’s inability to wring every crumb of power from their vehicle. It’s the rules. Rules laid down by overbearing governing bodies, imposing limits on weight, dimensions, power output, tire choices, aerodynamics, braking, and whatever else they can think to control. Usually the point is to keep the drivers safe or make racing more entertaining with evenly matched machines, but that doesn’t mean the engineers like it.

So when Porsche gave its people the chance to break free and show what their machines can do, they over delivered   …  More

Time to say Goodbye: A world tour with the 919 Hybrid in 2018

20 Pole-Positions, 17 race victories, 6 World Championship titles and a Le Mans Hattrick: the Porsche 919 Hybrid will one last time say its final goodbye and leave the motorsport stage after its world tour 2018.

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