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Jamie McMurray during the NASCAR race in Las Vegas yesterday.  McMurray makes a great save to keep his car off the wall and pointed in the right direction.  Several of the NASCAR commentators said this was the finest job of car control they had ever seen.  Let’s see a Drifting competition where someone goes sideways this far, at 180+ mph and “under control.”




Besides showcasing hundreds of brand new and future rides every year, the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto always seems to draw big crowds with an excellent selection of feature vehicles and other attractions.

In 2009, the CIAS celebrated the Corvette with several dozen original, restored and custom Vettes from every era on display throughout the show. The GTA in Motion area, Cruise Nationals and Nascar pavilions are also great features.

Those who frequently attend the CIAS may be familiar with the sport compact revolution area inside the Rogers Centre (formerly Skydome). It’s been an important fixture of the show for almost a decade now, giving local tuners…  More info