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LONG BEACH, California — Two rear-wheel-drive Scion tCs will compete at the 2009 Formula Drift season opener on the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach street course this weekend.

Ken Gushi will return with his refreshed Toyota-four-cylinder-powered rear-drive RS*R Scion tC. The big news, however, is the Rockstar Energy Drink/Scion Drift Team tC driven by 2007 and 2008 series champion Tanner Foust.

Fitted between the tC’s front shock towers is a 358-cubic-inch V8 from a former Busch Series NASCAR entry built by TRD and Ed Pink Racing Engines. The engine, rated at 650 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, routes power through a four-speed G-force dog-engagement gearbox and Toyota Supra rear differential and rear suspension.

Former Formula D competitor and import drag racer Stephan Papadakis is responsible for shoehorning the mega motor under the tC’s windshield …  Details

Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Rockstar Games
Rating: T (Teen)
Playstation 3/ Xbox 360

Midnight Club: Las Angeles (MC:LA) is the latest in Rockstar’s Midnight Club franchise, and does an excellent job as it successor. MC:LA drops players into the fast-paced, NOS-fueled world of underground street racing in Los Angeles. You start from scratch with an old beater car and work your way up the ranks, earning respect, parts, and new cars along the way-not to mention precious money. As with previous installments, LA’s strong point is the full customization of the cars. Players can change everything from gauges and wheels to paint color, exhausts, NOS tanks, and virtually anything they can stick on to their cars…  Details