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Tuerck’d Season 2: Episode 7. Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck visits the promised land of Hoonigan Racing Division HQ in Park City, Utah with Ken Block acting as adventure commander. How much fun can you pack into one trip? Ryan makes up for missing the Hoonigan Racing Division shop party by shifting into activity overdrive starting with a tour of HRD HQ followed by aggressive spectating at AMA Motocross Nationals at Miller Motorsports Park, then it’s into the mountains for a backflip/flop alpine lake cliff diving session. No rest for the weary—it’s partytime at Ken’s pad where the crew shows you how to play STING-PONG. Early morning wake up for a lesson in kickboxing (and humility) from MMA champ Kit Cope. Would you step into the ring with this guy? Multisporting continues at the Copper Mountain bike park, followed by a warmup basketball session at the Utah Jazz training facility before heading back down to Miller Motorsports Park to drift the Ford GT super car—does the GT get Tuerck’d? Finally, Ken takes Ryan for some off road hooning in a Ford Raptor.

In a rare case of a slow day of work at OGP we had a little fun with a set of tires and some Go Pro’s. Enjoy.

Ron Howard’s Rush hits theaters this weekend. The film, starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, tells the story of rival Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. In anticipation for the new movie, we’ve made a list of best car-racing movies of all time.

10. Days of Thunder

Tom Cruise abandons the skies of Top Gun and makes his way to the race track in 1991’s Days of Thunder. Cruise plays Cole Trickle, an up and coming stock car racer who tries to make it on the NASCAR circuit   …  Pictures, videos, comments and more

It’s a raw footage from The Ugly Duckling short movie.