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The new 991 Turbo S is a very expensive car. So expensive it probably needs to fend-off more exotic machinery like a yellow McLaren. This could get messy.

Few have ever driven a Fuel Altered, and only one ever did it one-handed after waking up from a little cat-nap in the staging lanes: Wild Willie Borsch. For years Wild Willie and his Altered, the Winged Express, terrorized the strip. Today, old friends have the Winged Express back making tire-burning passes down the quarter-mile   …  Pictures, video and more

A cold wind blows across the pit area, kicking up silt; blanketing the track in the sweet aromas of racing fuel, barbecue and burnt rubber. In the distance, you can hear fighter planes buzzing into Nellis, and a lone rumble of a race car comes to a sudden halt. “Quiet Time.” is announced over the PA, conjuring up moans and groans from race fans and drivers. But this is as good of a moment as any to reflect:

The Fastest Street Cars in America came to race this weekend, and World Records were handed down   …  More

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