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Earlier this month, a dark purple blob that’s synonymous with big swells marched its way towards Indonesia. Plane tickets were bought, boats loaded and en route surfers started dreaming of that “once in a lifetime” surf strike. But like all swell events, certain spots fired while others were completely void of waves. Personal stories of heartbreak filled our DM’s with crews traveling 72 hours in hopes of scoring far away slabs, only to find the swell was too much one direction or another.

But Jyoti Walker and Nick Colbey were two surfers who hit the jackpot. They scoring rather large Greenbush as crews watched from the channel. Click play on the footage above–and try not to feel jealous.

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For this five-part series, we spoke with modern icons at iconic waves around the world, and asked them for a list of the most underrated surfers at their homebreak. Because every wave has a least one of them: The underground ripper that, for one reason or another, hasn’t quite garnered the mainstream media attention they deserve.

Our fourth icon is 17-year-old Luca Padua, a blossoming madman out at Mavericks–a wave he’s been surfing since he was 13-years-old–and a future staple on the Big Wave World Tour. “It’s crazy how many underground savages Mavericks has produced  …  More

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Have you lost motivation to go surfing? Are you tired of watching endless clips online featuring perfect waves and outstanding pro surfers?

The stoke is gone, and you aren’t having the time of your life anymore. There can be many reasons for someone to lose interest in surfing. Life’s in continuous change, and so are passionate surfers.

Age, work, family and kids, diseases, and psychological trauma can get in the way and force us to put surfing aside.

But that may not be forever   …  More

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Shane Reynolds joins surfing/sandboarding pioneer Teymour (Tim) Adham to sand board the epic dunes of the Egyptian Sahara Desert. This area, known is the Great Sea of Sand, is just outside of the Oasis of Siwa.

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