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There isn’t one pro surfer in todays surf episode. Filmed 5-8-2024. I headed to the beach today after checking the reports and seeing that we had fun surf. The waves were not epic but did have enough to give the local crew a fun time.

Thanks for watching. I’m Brad Jacobson and I’ll sea ya on the sand.

Music (in order of appearance): Ryan James Carr, Don Vayei, Amber Spill, Matt Large and Martin Landstrom.

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Can you feel the new wave comin’? The momentum of 24 chargers chasing the world’s biggest waves throughout the Hawaiian winter, all proudly flying the flag of Red Bull Magnitude, a one-of-a-kind big wave surfing competition? Meet the women of the 2024 Red Bull Magnitude event, ranging from pro surfers to local lifeguards to doctors and beyond, all intent on becoming the new faces of big wave surfing in lineups around the world.

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Watch how Portuguese rescue jet ski driver, Sérgio Cosme, saves big-wave surfers from drowning at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal.

Cosme saves surfers from giant waves up to 30 meters tall.

Portuguese seaside resort Nazaré is home to some of the biggest waves in the world from October to March.

Jet-ski pilot Sérgio Cosme is one of the people who makes sure big-wave surfers end up safely back on dry land each time.

Cosme lives in a house on a cliff overlooking the sandy, ochre-colored beach of Nazaré – a small resort 100 kilometers north of Lisbon – which is a surfing hotspot.

With waves up to 30 meters tall crashing into the shore, it has attracted surfers from all around the world to try and tame the foaming giants each winter.

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