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Being a 20-something ski bum in Fort Collins, Colo., just wasn’t fun enough for Michael Guerriero: Party opportunities tended to melt away when the snow did — so that’s when he hit the road.

He puts it like this: “Basically, before and after ski season, my friends and I would drive from Lake Tahoe to the East Coast and back to the Rockies, following an asphalt zig-zag from one festival to the next.”…  Details


schwinn_electricDon’t be fooled by the image here.  Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) are not just electric bikes.  LEVs include scooters, skateboards, bicycles, mopeds and stand up scooters.

It’s no surprise that technology is advancing in every area of our lives.  it’s even advancing in areas that maybe we had never even thought would or could be useful.  …  Details