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During the early 2000s, Howard Arneson, the inventor of the Arneson Pool Sweep and Arneson surface drive, delivered the keynote address at one of Powerboat magazine’s Awards For Product Excellence banquets. A slight, soft-spoken man with a mischievous glimmer in his eyes that were always framed by triple-thick glasses, Arneson walked slowly to the podium. He waited for the applause from his fellow high-performance marine industry colleagues to subside before he spoke.

“A few months ago I went to lunch with my friend Ross Perot,” he said. “As you know, Ross was running for President at the time.

“We walked into this coffee shop together and the place went silent,” he continued. “Old Ross, he pumped up like a bandy rooster and nudged me. He whispered in my ear, ‘What do you think all these people here are thinking right now?’”

Arneson paused for effect and smiled, then spoke again. “And I said, ‘They’re probably thinking, who’s that having lunch with Howard Arneson?’”  …  More

Howard Arneson’s Mississippi Burning Run. – September 1990

Arneson Skater 2009 32 Gas Turbine – Built by Howard Arneson and now owned by Ken Grzesiak. GE T58 Gas Turbine Jet Engine. Arneson ASD 8 Racing Drive. Normal cruise speed is 110MPH. In this boat, Howard Arneson set a merciless record on the Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Louis on September 22, 1990 of 1039 miles in 12 hours and 40 minutes. This included 4 fuel stops. Howard passed away on 6/16/2020 and his record still stands today. A very fitting memorial to a great man.

Howard Arneson celebrating on his 90th Birthday in his 48 ft Skater at 200+ MPH

Howard was one of nicest people you will every meet. He was a great friend and an even greater man. He will truly be missed – Larry

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Stoked News

In today’s rapidly fluctuating business environment, entire business models are undergoing sudden transformations almost overnight. Businesses are being forced to deal with the unknown in ways which require great flexibility and stability from those in command.

As a CEO of an online, data-based company, I have the privilege of seeing these the changes Covid-19 is causing business up close. During these challenging times, I try to apply the lessons I have learned from surfing and apply them to business, which I will share with you … More

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All the pearl-clutching about the morality of performing a Cannonball Run during a global pandemic seems to have been for nothing, with Ed Bolian reporting America’s most illegal record has been beaten seven times in the span of just five weeks.

According to Bolian, who has been in contact with the new record holders, the time to beat is now less than 26 hours. A sub 28-hour Cannonball Run was once unthinkable.

While he has not disclosed  …  More

These are the extreme lengths people will go to break the Cannonball Run record

… Meet Ed. He’s a tall, slow-speaking 27-year-old from Atlanta who used to breed albino lizards, teaches Sunday School with his wife and makes a living selling Lamborghinis.

Oh, and Ed Bolian is also the quickest man in America.

Yep, this gangly, goofy-looking used-car salesman is the fastest man on four wheels across the States, a title he earned after driving the breadth of the country – some 4527km – in a record-shattering, eyeball-searing, police-dodging 28 hours and 50 minutes  …  More

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