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Hawaiian surfer hero Bethany Hamilton has been named the Waterman of the Year 2017.

The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) decided to honor pro surfer Bethany Hamilton with the prestigious award for her inspirational work in the surfing community.

Despite losing her left arm in a shark attack in 2003, the young and talented athlete didn’t stop surfing, competing and participating in motivational conferences and   …  More

Bethany Hamilton on Overcoming Obstacles – At thirteen years old, Bethany’s life came to a halt. She was bitten by a shark out in Hawaii while surfing, and lost her left arm. In this video, Bethany shares how her faith carried her through this obstacle she had to overcome.

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A 1994 parody to windsurfing by Czech stop-motion animators Lubomir Benes and Vladimir Jiránek.

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O’Neill surf brand founder, wetsuit pioneer, and surfing icon Jack O’Neill passed away Friday at age 94, several sources confirmed.

O’Neill is credited with introducing the first neoprene wetsuits to the surf community in the 1950s, which opened up the world of cold water surfing and forever changed the industry and product evolution.

Referred to as a “NorCal Maverick,” O’Neill created his namesake surf brand in 1952 when he opened a surf shop in San Francisco   …  More

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Over a year ago, Robbie Maddison made his dream of riding his dirtbike on the ocean a reality. Since then, he’s spent his time perfecting his bike and working towards a bigger goal: riding some of the biggest waves in the world. We set out to the legendary “Killers” break off of Isla Todo Santos to ride with Robbie as he attempted to catch 30+ foot waves.

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