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Surfers have been moonlighting as stuntmen for more than 100 years. The great Duke Kahanamoku started the Hollywood relationship off in the 1920s and was followed by surf inventor Tom Blake in the ’30s and Miki Dora in the ’50s and ’60s. In the last 30 years big-wave riders have made a natural fit for the job, as Hollywood has looked to find athletes who are comfortable and relaxed in dangerous situations. Here are the ones who’ve left the biggest impression   …  More

Another day on the water with the team. Shit got real. Nothing like a few stubs, And a fuck load of fun! You know the drill so sit back and relax and watch this tube fishing shit!

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A model of cliff diving consistency this year, the 31-year-old World Series record winner added another victory to his collection this weekend, his first one in Denmark. And just like in the season’s second stop in La Rochelle, France, the athletes from England made it a double, as former Olympian Blake Aldridge performed the sport’s hardest dive with a Degree of Difficulty of 6.3 for 8s and 8.5s from the judges to take second place. And it is the sport’s most experienced athlete and the winner of 13 cliff diving world titles, Orlando Duque, from Colombia, who completed the podium in Denmark making it his fourth top three result in as many competitions, despite being one full point of difficulty behind his dominant rival from England.

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Smugglers lost $100,000 worth of meth on a beach in Tijuana. In a new age version of old-time surfing smuggling tactics, they hollowed out a surfboard, crammed a shitload of drugs inside, and pointed their drugs towards the United States.

Surfing and drug smuggling have gone hand-in-hand for a long time. There are a million stories about surfers funding their lifestyles by moving their heroin-stuffed rectums to wave-rich countries and rumors of surf company giants originally funded by boats stuffed with hash. If half the stories are true  …  More

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A reflection on sports, nature and the extreme.

“When asked what freedom is to us, we’ll probably say nothing. No thoughts, no doubts, no fears, no pressure, no self reflection. A positive emptiness.”

Dancer: Isaac Kyere
Cyclist: Christopher Krätzmann
Longboarder: Peter Markgraf
Highliner: Valentin Welsch, Aurelian Edelmann, Holger Welsch
Runner, Swimmer: Wilfried Bottesch
Ropeswing, Jumps: Max Hachemeister
Snowboarder: Anna Lea Leon
Guy in the snow: Jan Eric Euler

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