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The list of sea water health benefits is nearly endless. But, even if it only had a placebo effect on our physique, our brain would still drive us to the beach.

It’s good to your mood, and it will boost your health. The only thing that sea water does not do is hydrate our body. But that is not even a downside compared to the benefits

Sea water can be a natural drug and medicine. It stimulates our body and promotes the feeling of well-being that surfers very well know. If you live by the beach or  …  More

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It has been the most deadly summer for wingsuit flying to date.

But what makes some people want to base jump off a cliff, binge drink to oblivion or hitchhike with strangers while others don’t even enjoy a rollercoaster ride?

Is there such a thing as scaredy-cat gene or a daredevil brain structure? Or is our level of attraction to danger down to how protective our parents were?

Whether our weakness is extreme sports, speeding   …  More

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Playboy playmate Marissa Everhart and Tyler Kapela get towed behind a jeep down a flooded road during Hurricane Hermine! Riding Caribe SUP boards.

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It might sound sexy, but before you think about dating that mountain biker, skier, surfer, kayaker or mountaineer read these five realities to know exactly what you’re getting into by committing to an outdoor junkie.

Don’t wait up for dinner
Missed turns, mishaps on the river, the perfect swell, there’s no telling what will keep them out hours after they said they’d come home.Eat when you want to. Make it an impromptu dinner date with  …  More

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