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After the competition’s Seeding Round off the ‘Snakehead’ rock on Friday, the 31-year-old ‘Brilliant Brit’ was positioned only 12th but recovered to rack up a haul of 471.80 points to win for the fifth time in a row. And although the English winning streak continued, Mexico’s rising star Jonathan Paredes (450.90pts) – the youngest athlete in the World Series at 25 years of age – pushed the champion closer than anyone else has done so far this season, achieving 10s from the judges for two of his dives. For the first time in his World Series career, and in his 16th World Series competition, America’s Andy Jones (412.90pts) finished on the podium after four rounds of cliff diving – two from the rocks and two from the platform.

In the overall standings, Gary Hunt leapt to a total of 1,000 points, with Colombia’s Orlando Duque, who missed the final after losing his head-to-head duel with Jones, and former Olympian Blake Aldridge, from England, tied in second (590pts). With three more competitions to come, Jonathan Paredes (449pts) and David Colturi (430pts), from the USA, complete the top five.

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Video shot by Jason Neeley.  Blue Angel #5 does a low fly by and sends tents and umbrellas into the air. 7-11-15

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Dude, what stinks? Let’s just make sure the answer to that question is not you.

“I carry two pairs of socks and underwear: one for camp and one for when I’m on the trail,” says mountaineer Jon Kedrowski, who has spent the night on all 55 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks.

“When I arrive at my camp, I’ll take the gross and sweaty pair of underwear and socks off, wipe down with a ‘wet wipes bath’ and put the clean pair on. On glaciers, I find a stream in the warm afternoon sun and rinse my socks and underwear thoroughly. I hang them in the sun to dry. The next morning   …  More

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Face, meet road. Not the thing you want to be introduced to while tearing down Alexandra Palace’s 420m soapbox track in a tiny hand made soapbox car, but 7 of the racers from Red Bull Soapbox UK didn’t have much of a choice. So, to celebrate their valiant efforts and painful fails, we’ve compiled the seven top crashes into one clip for your enjoyment.

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Velocity is one of the defining characteristics of Big Data, and there are few situations in which speed is more imperative than motorsports. From NASCAR to Formula One and grassroots karting, teams and race organizers are employing ever more sophisticated data-driven strategies to shave split-seconds off lap times and provide a more thrilling spectacle for audiences.

In F1, telemetry has been in use since the 1980s to stream live data from the car to engineers in the pit lane. Thomas Mayer, COO of the Lotus F1 team told me “We are collecting and analyzing a lot of data – we’re not talking gigabytes or terabytes but petabytes.”

“Formula One has always been on the cutting edge of technological development so it was natural that data analysis would become a big thing for us. It saves us time and money  …  More

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