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Petrol. When you’ve used one, you’ve used them all, right? Not necessarily. We recently spent some time at Shell’s Trackside Laboratory at the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix to discover what goes into an F1 fuel, how it affects a team’s performance, and how it compares to the stuff you put in your road car.

Is F1 fuel the same as road fuel?    …  More

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Because surfing isn’t just a day at the beach.

Surfing is frequently associated with long-haired goofballs on an endless search for the perfect wave. But as counterintuitive as it sounds, surfing isn’t just a day at the beach. Between heavy waves, naysayers, and massive wipeouts, surfers have to learn to get back up on their boards. Five lessons in resiliency, courtesy of surfers worldwide

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After originating in California, street luge is now a legitimate sport in its own right, but it also has an element of danger.

Ever fancied hurtling down a hill lying flat on an oversized skateboard? Of course you have! The good news is – now you can not only do it, but it’s actually recognised as a legitimate sport in its own right.

Street luge is one of those activities that’s so straight-up crazy it almost demands to be given a go. The principles are about as basic as they come: find a hill, lie on what is basically a plank of wood with wheels on it, keep going until you hit the bottom… and hope you don’t hit anything else on the way down   …  More

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Remember the first time standing on a high-dive at your local pool? It was a little terrifying, right? Maybe 10 feet high? Imagine what it would be like to stand on a platform nearly 59 meters high, taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and perched on a cliff above a tiny natural pool of water. Yeah…no thanks. But don’t worry, Laso Schaller’s POV of the jump is enough to make your stomach flip. Take a look at the man’s world record cliff jump, and prepare yourself for one of the gnarliest POV shots ever.

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Watch the competition week through the eyes of a cliff diver. Following the procedure, the rituals, the height feeling, the moment before the take off, reaction to the results from the judges, and much more.

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