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During the season opener in Cartagena, the Divers showed they have spent their off-season perfecting their technique, learning new dives and adding more difficulty to the World Series. Now it is time for the second stop in the French La Rochelle. It was later the overall champion Artem Silchenko who took victory during the divers’ last appearance in 2013 in front of the biggest crowd ever for a World Series event of 70,000 spectators. Can he repeat this feat this year or will four-time champion and kick-off winner, Gary Hunt, occupy the top of the podium once again?

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Life is …!

“Porcupine!!” I screech, my legs burning as I stagger off my mountain bike, squinting through the pelting rain as I search the far end of the trail for my fiancé. We’ve been out for hours, it’s storming, and I can feel my excitement quickly fading into frustration with every climb on the technical singletrack, so far outside my skill level.

My lungs heave wildly under my mud-soaked T-shirt as he pummels down the soggy trail to where I’m standing. There’s a sheepish look on his face — a sure sign he knows  …  More

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Warm sun, sparkling blue seas and miles of unblemished white sand are more likely to bring to mind the beach vacation of a lifetime than a backdrop to several years of study. For some higher education students, though, palm-fringed coves next to classrooms and surfing between lessons are not a dream but a day-to-day reality.

The following 30 colleges around the world all have something to offer studious beach lovers, boasting as they do such features as gorgeous private stretches of sand, tropical views, and inviting waters in which to take a dip. Located everywhere from California to the Caribbean and South Africa to the Seychelles, the campuses are all within easy reach of the beach, making them ideal destinations for learners who wish to relax in stunning surroundings after a hard day’s hitting the books  …  More

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