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Looking to shed your swimsuit? Here are the best places to do it!

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Update: Please sign the petition to get a public restroom installed and maintained:

There are no public toilet facilities near the Soma West Skatepark. Unfortunately the northwest corner of the skatepark has been used as a bathroom by many.

If you see someone attempting to pee inside of the skatepark, call them out! The city has not responded to requests to clean up the pee therefore it just sits there.

Quit ruining the skatepark.

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Typically cops and security guards don’t look too fondly upon skateboarders. Most of them see skaters as a nuisance and a bane to society. But the world is full of surprises, so here’s some notable cops who shed the typical notions and showed they can shred, too  …  Additional Videos and More

Green Bay police officer Joel Zwicky is thought to be the first law enforcement officer in Wisconsin and probably in the U.S. to patrol on a skateboard

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We challenged ourselves creatively and mentally to set up two highlines in two different environments in two days.

Featuring: Joshua Lambus, Jeramiah Morgan, Ben Wigglybridge, Alyssa Kratz, Jesse Smalling, Greg Chavdarian and Gretchen Gerlach

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BARCELONA. BARCELONA. BARCELONA!!! The crew throws down harder than ever in this action sports mecca.

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