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Sharkbanz use special patented magnetic technology to deter sharks from attacking and investigating people. Most shark attacks occur in the shallow waters off Florida and other parts of the east coast of the US, where there are a high number of swimmers and sharks sharing the same space. In shallow, murky waters, sharks rely heavily on their electro-receptors instead of their eyes to “see” what’s around them. They possess the most sensitive electro-magnetic sense of all known animals, and use it to judge distance, shape, and even the heart rate of other animals near them. Sometimes when relying on their electro-receptors, a curious shark may bite a person in order to figure out what he or she is. These unprovoked “hit and run” attacks are the most common type, and Sharkbanz are an excellent defense against them. As the shark approaches a person wearing Sharkbanz, magnetic waves coming from the band disrupt its electro-receptors and it quickly turns away. The experience for the shark is, “like a person suddenly shining a very bright light in your eyes in a dark room, and its not pleasant”, according to Dr. Stroud. Once a shark comes near the band, it frequently leaves the area and does not return.

While there is no 100% guarantee against an encounter, Dr Rice says that by wearing Sharkbanz, the risk is significantly reduced. There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, so don’t cross it and provoke a shark by attempting to test this technology yourself. They are wild animals and don’t take kindly to people with bad manners. Respect the animals and they will respect you.

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Research suggests 65 percent of top riders were doping in sixteen year period investigated.

Lance Armstrong gets a lot of flack over the doping scandal that saw him stripped of his seven Tour de France victories, and rightly so.

One of the most common arguments heard that leans slightly in his favour though, is that ‘everyone was doing it’ at the time, and a new study from Sporting Intelligence has highlighted just how accurate this may be.

Of course, just because other riders cheated doesn’t mean  …  More

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A Formula 1 driver, a two-time CART series winner, an innovator, an athlete, a gold-medal winner at the Paralympics, but above all, a man with a true champion’s attitude. He is a great character, who can talk for ages, and he is a person who has never understood what quitting is. Many sportsmen and women fall short of even getting close to the things which Alessandro Zanardi has achieved in his long sporting career.

Such is the long list of his accomplishments. He started his career as a racing driver, but an on-track accident, because of which he lost both legs, changed his life forever. But, this didn’t stop him from being competitive, and most importantly, didn’t stop him to live   …  More

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Get the hero treatment from John Force and his grandsons as the 2014 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing season wraps up. See behind the scenes footage of 16-time NHRA Funny Car champion John Force like you have never seen thanks to GoPro. All footage shot with my GoPro camera at Las Vegas and Auto Club Finals in Pomona.

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