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The divers free fall 27 meters and just three seconds later are hitting the water at speeds of 85kph. The athletes require an almost perfect entry to support the impact first in their feet and then through their body. How important is the vertical entry position, and how can you train your body to withstand such a huge force?

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Surfing is driven by emotions. That is why surfers decide to perpetuate their love for the waves in their bodies. But surf tattoos can get really creative, especially when skulls and brands get into play.

Tattoos require time to think about them and, usually, a very good reason. Surf tattoos last forever, just like the surfers’ passion for waves, oceans, and beach lifestyle.

Waves and surfboards are very popular, so tattoo artists are   …  More

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As man caves go, the studio-slash-garage of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar looks modest from the outside. Just a one-story stucco affair in the Marin County town of San Rafael, Calif., nestled amid a series of industrial warehouses. But the car parked in the driveway — a green Ferrari 456 GT — begins to give away the automotive plot.

Just past the non-descript front door, a hallway brims with photos, gold records and other memorabilia from the rocker’s tours of duty as a solo artist, Van Halen frontman and Chickenfoot founder. But at the back of the building, past an impressive recording studio, is a cavernous room with a dozen sports cars. While marques such as Aston Martin, Lotus and Ford take a bow, this space is really all about one brand: Ferrari.

Hagar owns  …  More

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If you like this, and you were entertained by it, and you think our quest is noble, please go give a dollar or a few, or whatever you can to our Kickstarter Campaign.…

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Kacy Catanzaro shocks the ANW universe once again and becomes the first woman in history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

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