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Two giants of the Winter Olympic world were speaking out about the Michael Phelps bong-smoking hoo-haw today, both coming at it from different sides.

Seattle speedskater Apolo Ohno, a five-time Olympic medalist, said his own behavior in public has changed markedly in the modern world of cell-phone cameras and real-time uploading. Since entering that very public world of media and sponsorship morals clauses, “My behavior has changed dramatically,” Ohno said…  More info


On the slopes these days, most skiers and snowboarders give little thought to what is strapped to whose feet. They go about their similar goals of riding powder, catching air or just reaching the bottom of the slope.

Skiers and snowboarders even ride together as friends. The image of snowboarders as young, rebellious outcasts is long gone.

“The turf war is over,” says Bob Matthews, owner of Rogue Ski Shop in Medford….  More info

A temporary shutdown last month at Mercury Marine was done in an effort to preserve the company’s cash and keep an already inflated inventory in check.

“The biggest issue is to preserve cash while we’re in this volatility,” said Ray Atchinson, vice president of human resources for Mercury Marine.

Atchinson said a second reason for the shutdown was to make sure the company isn’t “filling the pipeline” with inventory that will sit and age in dealer showrooms.

Rather than laying people off permanently, the company is utilizing temporary layoffs to preserve its work force so trained workers are in place when the market improves…  More info



Chris Bangle, who as head of design for BMW became one of the most famous — and reviled — auto designers in automotive history, has abruptly resigned after 16 years with the German automaker. Few will mourn his departure. Fewer still will deny his impact on auto design. The 52-year-old American was so widely…  More Info…

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