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mit-electric-bikeA fully self contained bicycle hub motor known as the GreenWheel has been developed by students at MIT that contains the motor, batteries and motor controller all within the hub enclosure. Very similar in concept to the E+ we reported on earlier this week (which we have been informed by a reader is a reincarnation of a Wavecrest Electric bike), but taken one step further by combining the batteries together with the motor in a single hub instead of putting the batteries in the front hub and motor/controller in the rear hub as on the E+.

The only external part of the GreenWheel system is the handlebar-mounted throttle that is connected wirelessly to the electric motor in the wheel, so absolutely now external wiring is required along the bike frame. The hub motor is spoked into a standard bicycle wheel and is powered by Lithium ion Nanophosphate batteries supplied by another MIT firm A123 Systems. … More info


sealegsTradition is ingrained in the marine world and there’s a sense of fragility and mistrust which most boaties harbour for amphibious watercraft – so the successful completion of a 3015 km (1873 mile) circumnavigation of the rugged New Zealand North Island by a Sealegs 7.1 meter amphibious craft today might go some way to allaying those fears. The 7.1 amphibious RIB averaged 46 km/h (28.6 mph) over 65 hours of driving time.

The two-man team, headed by Sealegs Corporation CEO David McKee Wright, set off from Takapuna towards Cape Reinga last Monday (February 16) and completed the journey at 1.25pm today in approximately 65 hours of driving time, at an average speed of 46km/h. The Sealegs RIB was powered by an Evinrude E-Tec 150hp outboard…  More info

Kiteboarders from around the country are set to kick it into high gear as they skim and slide during the Islamorada Invitational ’09 March 6-15 at Whale Harbor Marina, mile marker 83.5 in Islamorada.

Dubbed the “II ’09” and hosted by Islamorada’s Seven Sports, a part of Islamorada Watersports Co., the weeklong festival attracts pro and amateur thrill-seekers who come for the love of the sport and the rush of competition…  More info


The 07 ASP World Champion and 2009 surefire title contender, Mick Fanning, will be heading into this season donning the latest in his signature boardshort series: The WLP Next Strike.

The 3rd generation of his signature boardie series, Mick teamed up with the talent on the Rippy boardshort design posse to create the perfect …  More info

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