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We don’t write about many iPod games here at the ‘Lab, but today we’re making an exception — if only because I have wasted so much time playing TouchGrind that I need to get something productive out of it.

TouchGrind is a skateboarding game for the iPhone, and it’s probably the most addictive game I have played since Desktop Tower Defense. Don’t expect some crazy…  More info


With the ever growing popularity and mainstream attention that is hand in hand with skateboarding today, it’s easy to lose sight of why we do what we do. When you start placing goals completely unrelated on your skating you lose track of why you started. I can tell you that first and foremost if your skateboarding to get sponsored, your in it for all the wrong reasons. Just have fun, hang with friends, and let friendly competition be your motivating factor. I’m not saying sponsorship or getting hooked up is bad, because it’s nice and helps financially to support your passion for skating. But it is far from what it’s cracked up to be. Just being at a flow and shop sponsor level is responsibility enough, not to mention the select few who are pro. It can start turning what you once loved into something you dread if your not careful….  More info

An epic video piece put together by Sports Illustrated and the new Nissan 370Z. 

Melissa Haro hopped in a silver 370Z with Tony Angelo. Jessica Hart stepped into a red Nissan 370Z with Chris Forsberg for this trip through Vegas. Damaris Lewis found herself in a yellow Z with Ryan Tuerck…  More info







Having effortlessly broken Tony Hawk’s stranglehold on the genre last year, it’s now skateboard sequel time.

Wisely electing not to stray far from the original, the beauty here is in the detail.

Almost everything you encounter can be incorporated into a stunt and a rather groovy playback lets you edit ‘film’ of your moves from a variety of perspectives…  More info

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