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NASCAR is no different than the corporate world. Prime parking is a sure sign of success.

Tony Stewart has won two races on NASCAR’s shortest, trickiest oval, but when the first-year team owner pulled into Martinsville Speedway on Friday, the place where he saw his team’s hauler parked meant more to him than it probably ever had.

It was, he said, “a proud moment,” and one earned on the track by his seventh-place position in the points standings with a new team that needed to start with some success…. Details

f1The iconic wings fixed to the back of Formula One cars made them look as sexy and fast as fighter jets. It turns out they were also making the races a bit of a snooze.

The wings were designed to catch the wind and thereby increase downforce on the tires. Downforce helps the tires grip the pavement, which allows the cars to take tight corners without skidding out. But the wings also had a serious side effect: They created a wake of air so turbulent that any car following behind lost up to 33% of its downforce. As a result, cars in F1 had to slow down before sharp turns to stay out of the turbulence created by the car in front — which made it very hard for F1 drivers to pass each other. Nascar, by comparison, has an average of 3,000 changes of position every race.

In 2005, a survey conducted by F1’s governing body found that 94% of fans wanted …  Details

When it comes to electric vehicles, the Tesla Roadster and Chevrolet Volt get all the love. But there are other EVs rolling around, and they’re balancing on two wheels.

Since 2007, when Vectrix of Middletown, R.I., first rode onto the scene with its battery-powered Maxi Scooter, a growing number of U.S. startups have entered the plug-in two-wheeler market. They’ve invested millions of dollars in vehicles, many of which are poised for production within a year.

Led by pioneers with impressive resumes, these companies predict growth despite the down economy, and they’re laying claim to niche markets with such boasts as “first” and “fastest” as they stake out territory in what many believe is the future of transportation….  Details

After celebrating a year of milestones in 2008 including more than 800,000 webcast and online content views, the first-ever double backflip at a major mountain bike competition and the birth of the Giant Slalom and the VW Trick Showdown, Kokanee Crankworx is ready to blow the lid off in 2009.

“Every year it gets harder to raise the bar but we are confident that we have developed an incredible lineup for this year,” said Jeremy Roche, Kokanee Crankworx general manager. “We are fortunate to be able to tap into so many key industry insiders who help ensure we keep our events fresh and relevant to the ever-changing mountain bike fraternity.”

Kokanee Crankworx 2009 will take place August 8-16 in Whistler, B.C. As always, the Festival will provide events for all ages and abilities.

“One of the hallmarks of Kokanee Crankworx is the opportunity for all levels of riders to enter events and compete on courses with some of the best pros from around the world,” Roche said. This year will be no exception with 11 events over nine days open to recreational riders and pros alike…. Details


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