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foldThere are more than 130 folding bike manufacturers and all of them produce bicycles designed as supplementary transport – designed to be carried in a vehicle for last mile transport, or on a train, plane, boat or bus as ground transport on arrival. Accordingly, most come with their own carry bag, but the latest prototype concept from Airnimal promises a new level of functionality. The concept involves the hard carry case doubling as a bike trailer with a significant carrying capacity. It’s a perfect solution for the traveller … almost. We’d like to see another suitcase which clips onto the trailer so you can carry your other stuff.

The bike pictured in the concept drawings is an Airnimal Chameleon, one of the most competitive folding bikes available – the ultimate version of …  Details

Although the environmental benefits of hybrid vehicles are well known, their near silent operation when running off batteries does pose a danger to pedestrians who are used to the rumble of an engine to alert them to oncoming vehicles. Active Noise Control technologies from Lotus Engineering address this problem by projecting engine sounds externally to improve pedestrian safety, while also employing noise-canceling technology internally to reduce unwanted cabin noise.

Making use of the same technology employed in noise canceling headphones, Lotus’ Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) and Engine Order Cancellation (EOC) systems reduce noise levels…  Details

These days, if a company – especially a U.S.-based manufacturer of motor vehicles – is still making money, it’s a miracle. That’s why Harley-Davidson’s First Quarter 2009 revenue report is pretty positive, despite showing a 12-percent drop in global sales and a 38-percent drop in new profits compared to the first quarter of 2008. After all, $117.3 million in profits is $117.3 million in profits. Still, H-D’s CEO Jim Ziemer (about to be replaced by incoming president and CEO Keith Wardell) recognizes that the company will struggle in the tough times ahead, and outlined the necessary strategy to weather the continuing storm…  Details


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