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Many riders consider the 50’s and 60’s as the golden age of motorcycling, But many of those great bikes ended up in a wad by the side of the road, as their powerful new engines overwhelmed the crappy suspensions of the time.

Enterprising (read: broke) riders cut repair costs by transforming their wrecks themselves.  Removing battered fairings.  Replacing lights and windscreens with anything handy.  Painting the results with a brush.  And out of these garage laboratories — cue the thunder and lightning — naked bikes were born: sport bike engines and chassis, flat or clip-on handlebars, virtually no fairing or bodywork.

Eventually, nakeds became so popular they were legitimized.  Honda built the …  Details

Skateboarding in Canberra, they have some of the best skateparks that are in Australia in Canberra. Most skateparks there have a 5 star rating on

It’s 2009 and Freeskiing has been legit for probably at least the last 10 years, ever since the first pair of yellow Salomon 1080s showed up on JF Cusson, Mike Douglas, JP Auclair, and the rest of the New Canadian Air Force’s feet. Since that time, twintips have moved from one SKU in the line up to about 70% of all skis having some type of upturned tail. Athletes have gone from ex-mogul jocks to full on rockstars sponsored by Red Bull and Target. Skis are now almost as wide as a snowboard, have strong graphic stories and have reverse camber. But the question still remains: is skiing really an action sport?

When people think of …  Details


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