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Following a spectacular crash last August that resulted in multiple breakages, the Australian Wot Rocket world speed record attempt is gearing up again with creator Sean Langman and co-pilot Joe de Kock stepping back into the pod.

In the last six months the bar has been raised by the kite boarding community, which has twice broken the 50 knot barrier over 500 metres, forcing visionaries such as Langman to establish a new Holy Grail and push themselves and their technology even harder to make the record books.

‘Whilst I congratulate the kite boarders, I feel going 50 knots in 50 knots of wind is akin to falling off a cliff,’ believes Langman. ‘Wot Rocket is exciting as we push to sail up to three times the speed of the wind.’ … Details


We’re getting away from the Kyle Busch/Dale Earnhardt Jr. talk that has dominated Your Turn for, oh, the last month. Instead, you’re talking television coverage, Joey Logano and whether or not the fix was in at Martinsville.

And if you’ve got something else on your mind, we want to hear it. Be a part of Your Turn by e-mailing us your rants right here.

We’ll kick things off this week with this rant from K. May of Bon Wier, Texas:

My rant is not against any driver or team. I am not even that upset with NASCAR. My problem is with the television coverage.

I am fed up with listening to the biggest cry babies that ever drove a racecar.  Hello … Details

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