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One of the figures behind the prospective American Formula One team has stated that plans for USF1 are well and truly under way, with a formal announcement expected later this month.

Ken Anderson, one of the two principals of USF1, has told The Charlotte Observer that the team will be based in the American city, adding that “95% of what you might have seen” about the plans is true.

“We are looking at a couple of buildings in Charlotte, including one in the University area,” he said…  More info


foiljetThe Foiljet MR1 is a new personal watercraft concept that takes the best features of a motocross bike and jetski, throws in two hydrofoils plus a silent, energy efficient electric motor to create what would have to be a surefire recipe for outrageous fun. The design looks something like a motocross bike, but instead of wheels there are beams with small hydrofoil wings mounted at the ends that can be raised or lowered. The concept would use a 15 kW (20 hp) electric motor housed at the end of the rear beam with its instant electric torque lifting the craft out of the water to become “foil borne”.

To cope with shallow water the beams can be raised at the flick of a switch. The electric motor runs off a 48V battery that should see three hours of full load running with the possibility of a theoretical 10 min recharge time…  More info

subaviator-fast-sub-plane_mediumSubAviator Systems has designed a new two seater submarine designed for advanced marine exploration. Made from a lightweight composite and designed like an underwater airplane complete with wings, the SAS Aviator submarine uses electric power to travel up to 5.2 knots and descend up to 1,000 feet deep in sea water. The Aviator can make up to four one hour training dives in a single day or stay underwater for up to five hours at a time on a single longer mission. …  More info


It may be a while before a Dacula man can dig himself out of trouble.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources officers have charged Grady Standridge, 52, with unlawful dumping after unearthing personal watercrafts that were buried in his backyard off South Street.

Standridge had been under investigation since June, according to state DNR spokeswoman Jennifer Barnes.

Cpl. Eric Sanders, a DNR law enforcement officer, filed the unlawful dumping charges Feb. 4, when he went to Standridge’s property looking for two stolen personal water craft…  More info

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