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American Honda extends an invitation to all Motorcycle enthusiasts to join us at Daytona Bike Week, the kickoff event for the 2009 professional Road Race season. Located in the premier spot at the main entrance to Daytona International Speedway, Honda will once again feature a huge display full of the newest products …  More info


The former Honda team plans to test at Silverstone and Barcelona in the next fortnight, raising hopes it will start the new Formula One season next month.

Honda pulled out of F1 in December as a result of the global financial crisis, leaving the British-based outfit to search desperately for a buyer.

BBC Sport understands the team will …  More info

lance-armstrong_1Just because he’s lean and ripped and far more fit than he’s ever been at this time of year, Lance Armstrong won’t necessarily regain the form that won him seven Tours de France. Just because those questions about his past have faded from the foreground, they haven’t necessarily gone away. And while none of them care to be quoted, there are plenty of cycling people who wish he’d leave and not come back. He is a magnet for attention that might otherwise redound to more deserving riders — guys like his Astana teammate Levi Leipheimer, who on Sunday clinched his third straight victory in the Amgen Tour of California, but whose next mention in this story is more than a thousand words away. But give Armstrong this: …  More info