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As the fog lifts from Rio del Mar beach, the sun’s warmth permeates, convincing Ryan Mackey and me to paddle out at Platform’s, despite the uninspiring surf conditions. We enjoy the beautiful weather and clear water as we surf small, inconsistent wind-waves close to shore.

While waiting for a set, a dark, large object in the water catches my peripherals. There, within eight feet of me, placed still in the water, the ocean’s most infamous predatory fish — a great white shark.

The clarity of the water allows me to see its gills, the speckled skin going from dark to light, and its sheer size, which looks about 10-12 feet long. Fear penetrates my bones, heightened from all the shark-week programs and cheesy TV dramatizations that hype the great white as vicious and bloodthirsty…. Details


Surfing is fun and a great way of strengthening core body muscles. Surfing can also be a way of life or at least a way of looking at life.

It’s impossible to surf and think of your supermarket list or a troubled relationship at the same time. Waves have a tendency to hit people who are not present in the moment. Waves will slap, pummel or in no uncertain terms bury anyone whose mind is elsewhere but in the eternal ‘now.’

Surfing requires taking each wave as it comes and reading it. Knowing your …  Details


Emmanuel Rondón and Kirsty Jones have won the Master Of The Ocean 2009, a surf, windsurf and kiteboard triathlon competition held in Cabarete, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Rondón got the best overall score and won it for the second consecutive year.

In each category, there were also winners. Winston Martinez was the best windsurfer, followed by Oscar de la Cruz, Nino Rodríguez and Samuel Pérez.

In the surfing discipline… Details


Feast of perfect waves for Tandem Surfers at 2009 Noosa Festival of Surfing

Organizers and sponsors of the 2009 Noosa Festival of Surfing once again elected to include a tandem surfing competition to this years’ festivities. Tandem surfing is always a crowd favorite and it delighted the thousands gathered to watch the great surfing action this past week-end at Noosa Heads’ fame surfing break.

The tandem surfing team who entered this year were treated with First Point perfection and gave a stellar performance. The competitors were three Australian pairs from Sydney: Simon & Nicole, Dan & Sacha, and Stuart & Linda, as well as the French expats, now Noosa residents: Fred and Aurelie.

Contest director Alan Atkins (ISA) and tandem head judge Barrie Boehne decided on a competition format which would maximized water time for all the couples and encourage them to perform difficult lifts without compromising the surfing performance. All four couples battled it out during three heats… Details


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