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The Billabong Pipeline Masters is considered one of the most prestigious surfing contests in the world.

That made yesterday’s HIC Pipeline Pro Trials a pretty big deal, too.

The HIC Pipeline Pro Trials was run in treacherous 8- to 12-foot waves at the Banzai Pipeline yesterday.

There was no prize money at stake. But there were eight invitations to the Billabong Pipeline Masters on the line, so surfers were willing to risk their lives for it yesterday.

“It was so worth it,” Sunset Beach’s Flynn Novak said while holding an ice pack on his head. “My goal was to get into the Pipe Masters and I achieved it. Who knows what can happen now?”…  More info


The North Shore surfing scene was relatively quiet throughout the month of January, so several events are hoping for a rise in February.

Among the contests that could run this month:

• The HIC Pipeline Pro Trials men’s surfing contest is expected to run at the Banzai Pipeline today, organizers announced late yesterday.

Wave heights of up to 18 feet have been forecast, so organizers hope to run the one-day contest.

The event features several of Hawai’i’s top professional surfers. The top performers will receive invitations to the Billabong Pipeline Masters in December….  More info


surfing_wednesdayGreg MacGillivray (“Everest”) is slated to direct a feature-length documentary examining 50 years of Hollywood surfing movies with a major focus on 1978’s “Big Wednesday.”

The documentary will explore the troubled production and release of “Big Wednesday,” which John Milius wrote, directed and produced.

“It’s really about how Hollywood’s superficial view of surfing culture has influenced popular culture and the story of what happened when real surfers tried to change that,” MacGillivray said…  More info

remember when Andy Irons rode Arakawa boards under HIC (I remember when he had an undercut, too, the poor guy). The appearance of his now-familiar, scripted Billabong label circa 2005 was a bit confusing, since Billabong made hats and fleeces – but not surfboards. And they still don’t make surfboards, per se, but as Stab explains on its website, clothing companies like Billabong have entered the board market by contracting with independent shapers and distributing their wares among surfers both pro and public. The idea is that Mick Fanning, riding for “Rip Curl Surfboards,” can source his quiver from Rip Curl’s team of private foamsmen: Darren Handley and Wade Tokoro, for instance. Rip Curl gets to grab some more of Mick’s deck space for its name or logo, and the shapers get paid handsomely as their RC crafts jet off to a thousand global retailers. It sounds like a nice little equation…  More info


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